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OpenPoll is no longer available, thanks to everyone who helped in the process!

Openpoll was originally created as part of an AQA computing examination which I took while I was attending college back in 2014. It was a huge success from the examination side, gaining me 100% in the coursework, and one of the top 50 grades in the country.

From this I landed a job at Netcraft where I will be happily returning to over the summer to work on more web based applications.

Although OpenPoll did receive some traffic, it wasn't as well used as I had hoped and it seemed there where a few problems, so watch this space for new and improved sites!

Thank you to everybody who made OpenPoll what it was!


Bobby Dilley

P.S: All data will be kept for a year from the 31st of March 2017 for the purpose of providing the user with their personal data if they choose to request it. Please email my email below if you wish to request your data, or have any other queries about OpenPoll.

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